2015 Hot Springs Arkansas HOG rally


Just back from the June 18th – June 21st Hot Springs Arkansas HOG rally (Only open to current HOG members).  828 miles round trip, its actually a short ride for us coming out of Memphis TN and interstate most of the way (bummer).  If you have never been to Hot Springs, you owe it to yourself to see the natural beauty Arkansas has to offer riders.

My wife and I have made this trip on the bike a couple of times but thus was the first HOG rally trip.  I will say I expected more people, I believe they only had about a 1000 preregistered and maybe another 900 arrived and registered.

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We rode to Hot Springs with another couple and met a group of friends from Tulsa and that’s when the fun started.  We chose to do our own rides as opposed to the scheduled group rides, to slow, its like a rubber band with that many riders and not a lot of fun for me.

On Friday we did a 5 hour ride through the country side, absolutely beautiful scenery, stopped at a museum and Post Office that has been opened since 1863, crazy.  The still had wanted posters of Billy the Kid as well as other famous outlaws hanging on the walls.

I will say the AR HOG group did a great job with the entertainment, awesome bands, the city of Hot Springs opened their arms to all the bikers there, wonderful southern hospitality.

Places to visit while there: The Arlington Hotel, a must stop for a least a cocktail – Ride up to the observation tower, you can see for miles – Eat at the Ohio club, this is where the gangsters used to frequent – Angles Italian restaurant, awesome – The Pancake house for breakfast.

Below are a few of the pictures we took, I hope you enjoy them.  There will be another bike rally in Hot Springs in September 2015 that will be open o all riders, hopefully this will draw more people.  Ride safe my friends and as they say, Ride it like you stole it….

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