2nd Boom Audio Upgrade to my 2014 Street Glide Special


20161001_130555So this is my 2nd Boom Audio System upgrade to my 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special.  So 2 years ago at Daytona bike week I met some special guys, the owners of “Daytona Cycle Audio” I had them install new speakers and an amp at that time.

Fast forward to this past weekend, I’m back in there and the showed me the new high performance technology that is out today, well I couldn’t help myself, I had them install a totally new system, now running Focal K2 Power- EC165K speakers and a Focal FD 2.350 Digital Amp. (watch video below)

I thought I had an awesome upgrade 2 years ago, this new system blows my old system away, hands down.  Anyone looking for an awesome system should reach out to the boys at “Daytona Cycle Audio“, awesome systems, first class customer service and they ship product out daily.



Cleaning up after 4 hours of install


Focal Digital Amp


Focal K2 EC 165K Speakers


Adding new speakers


New Amp Installed

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