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photo-3I started riding over 40 years ago, wow that sounds like a long time ago.  As most people did, started on Mini bikes, moved up to dirt bikes, on / off road bikes Etc.

Started racing motocross in high school, like some of my buddies, I wanted to race pro but ended up racing the various circuits.

Had a bunch of supper fast crotch rockets as well over the years and of course rode them to their max speed limits, I’d say I’m lucky to be alive with some of the crazy stuff I did.

Well as things happen in life, wife – kids- responsibilities that changed all that, I realized that I didn’t need to run 165 mph to have fun on a bike.

This is when Harley Davidsons entered my life and I must say I totally regained my love for riding.  My current bike is a 2014 Street Glide Special that I absolutely love.  I’ve had other Street Glides, Dyna’s, one with a stage 4 kit, crazy fast.

So, to sum this up, I am a director of sales for a large publically traded company, so yes like most people I have a day job but I ride at every opportunity, totally enjoy long road trips and it’s got to be very cold to keep me off the bike.  I love the Harley saying – “Ride it like you stole it”, I do every time I get on it.

Ride safe and I hope you enjoy my blog….

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