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My buddy’s Street Glide Special


So I typically write about trips I’ve been on or things I’ve done to my bike, but today I want to share my buddy’s bike transformation.  Butch Troxel has a 2014 Harley Street Glide Special like I do, we’ve been on many rides together, Sturges 2014 – Daytona 2015 plus a ton of day rides.

He had mentioned more than once he wanted to get away from the travel bags and add a tour pack, I said just buy an Ultra if your going to do it, but like a lot of us, he has to much invested in it to sell or trade.  So I’ve added a couple of before and after shots.

IMG_6271 (1)

Before shot

So he totally upgraded the stereo system, Rockford Fosgate amp, speakers front and back.  Painted inner fairing, tons of chrome to name a few of the upgrades.  No did all of these Harley parts fit like they were supposed to, Nope- not a chance, he went through hell with fit, wiring harness etc, but at the end it all worked out. Continue reading


Bike night on Beale Street in Memphis TN


Ever where I have lived has had a “Bike Night” and its usually on a Wednesday night.  I thought I’d post some pictures of this past Wednesdays bike night on Beale Street.   This turned out to be a crazy packed night, the Memphis AAA ball team had a game, the Memphis Grizzlies had a playoff game and the new Bass Pro in the pyramid building just opened all located just off Beale Street.20150429_192257

So if you ever get a chance to visit Memphis, Beale Street is a must see, tons of restaurants, bars and of course live music. Continue reading


Sturgis 75th anniversary

The rally itself is cool, they have all the normal vendors showing there wares, tons of live entertainment and great bars.  Full throttle Saloon is a must see,  buffalo Chip is a Hugh camp ground that sponsors all the big named bands.  You can do day passes to attend the concerts if your lucky enough to get a hotel and your not camping at the Chip.Black hills Harley Davidson with out a doubt is the best location for the vendors, everything you can want is there on site.

For me the rally was a two day adventure, it was the scenery that I most appreciated.  The Devils Tower, Spear Fish Canyon, Needles Hwy, the Bad Lands, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse to just name a few must see destinations.

So, if your going to trailer your bike, or like I did ride it there you couldn’t attend at a better time, there’s only one 75th anniversary and its this August 2015.

I would love to hear form you if you plan to attend…Be safe and as they say – ride it like you stole it….


Welcome to my blog’s first post


Hey guys,

Thanks for visiting my site, this is my first post. Never thought I’d be doing this but after all the comments and positive responses to the YouTube video’s I felt compelled to take this to the next level based on so many of your comments; hence this blog.

20150313_145545So I’m just back from Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida – had a great trip and a wonderful time.

Rode from Memphis, TN with five buddies to Daytona, 5 states, 1973 miles round trip. The first day we left we rode through 7 hours of torrential rain. Continue reading