Hot Springs AR September 2011



We had just moved from Texas to TN a few months earlier and after getting settled in, decided we needed a rode trip. Funny, we drew a circle around the map and looked for 4 hours out or less for a 3 day trip.  Hot Springs was the winner.

Turned out to be a perfect choice, we had no idea when we arrive that it was Jazz Fest, perfect right- except no hotels. We ended up paying more than we wanted for a room but it was worth it.  Tons of live music, rock to Jazz to country.  The streets were packed with bikers, turned out there was a local bike rally there as well.


We of course did all the tourist stuff, cool old hotels with killer bars, we both did the bath house experience as well, apparently the oldest still operating bath houses in the country.  The country side is stunning and Arkansas is a biker friendly state, a must visit location.

IMG_1831  IMG_1833 IMG_1835

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