ROT – (Republic Of Texas) Rally June 2013



ROT may have more people than a typical Sturgis rally does.  Its held around June when its about as hot as a pistol in the Travis County Expo Center.  This rally is considered private because its within the fair grounds so the best way to describe what happens is “What happens at ROT stays at ROT”  Tons of people, tons of vendors and at night they have a naked ride, yes a naked ride.

Now, I cant say everyone that is riding without cloths should be naked but what can you say, freedom of expression right?  If you’ve never been, this is a must go rally,  Austin is probably my favorite city in Texas, the city’s motto is “Keep it weird”, gotta love that.  6th street is a must, its the live music city capital in the world as they say.  Tons of great places to eat, bars to frequent and of course LIVE music everywhere.

I seem to have lost many of the photos I took so I will post the ones that are post-able if you know what I mean

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