Sturgis August 2014


20140804_162345This was one of my favorite rallies that I’ve done over the years.  There were 3 of us that started in Memphis TN – we did 7 states and 3692 miles in 10 days.  We experienced weather that was from “hot to hail”, anyone that has done Sturgis will attest to the varied weather patterns that  you can experience.  The scenery was absolutely stunning and again we saw all kinds of weather.

We stayed in Rapid City (29 miles from Sturgis), have to say this was much more enjoyable after riding all day and to have a good selections of restaurants and other amenities as opposed to camping in Buffalo Chip was nice, not that there is anything wrong with camping.  So below, I’ve listed  plac20140805_123216es that I think are Must See’s.

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