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Hey guys,

Thanks for visiting my site, this is my first post. Never thought I’d be doing this but after all the comments and positive responses to the YouTube video’s I felt compelled to take this to the next level based on so many of your comments; hence this blog.

20150313_145545So I’m just back from Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida – had a great trip and a wonderful time.

Rode from Memphis, TN with five buddies to Daytona, 5 states, 1973 miles round trip. The first day we left we rode through 7 hours of torrential rain. Just outside the Georgia/Florida state line we stopped at a rest stop – the rain gear, leathers came off – tshirt on, sunscreen on & had absolutely perfect weather while in daytona beach sceenFlorida.  Did all the typical rally stuff. Went to three Harley Davidson dealerships, enjoyed live music, all the vendors, and thousands of thousands of harley riders as well.  While there I spent some money and added some cool things to my 2014 Streetglide Special which I’ll tell you about in my next post.

Our return trip Saturday started off with perfect warm weather. As we started to progress from Alabama into Mississippi we had to put coats on and then half way through Mississippi rain gear on. The last four hours we road off and on through heavy rain. 17 hours to get there, 15 to get back a total of 1973 miles traveled, what an awesome trip. Stay tuned for more and check back often for tips, parts and cool rides!


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